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Villa Vinèa - Premium Zweigelt

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Premium Zweigelt

Zweigelt is grape which is popular in Austria. Since a couple of years Villa Vinea brought Zweigelt toTransylvania.

These grapes are giving a red wine which is playing somewhere at the limit between rustic and elegant, sending a vague taste to a very young Pinot Noir.

The red wine drinkers will appreciate definite this out of patterns red wine.
The wine has a dark Rubin colour with a scarlet border. The nose offers a mixed flavour of wild cherry, gooseberry and sweet wood. It has a beautiful texture with firm and velvety tannin, an exemplary acidity and impeccably integrated alcohol.

The central taste is concentrated on red crisp fruits with a dark chocolate note filled with cherry liqueur. The after taste is deep and very fresh, leavings subtle almond sensations and a pleasant astringency.

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