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Lajos Göndöcs - Bikavér

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Lajos Göndöcs - Bikavér

Most winemakers give the name Eger Bikavér to their top wine. Due to the new wine legislation, the wine must consist of at least three grape varieties, but often people also opt for a blend of several grape varieties, just like in the French Châteauneuf du Pape.
The winemaker can choose from the authentic varieties kadarka, kékfrankos (also called blaufränkisch), and kékoportó (portugieser), but more well-known varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, zweigelt, merlot, cabernet franc and pinot noir are also allowed.
Control is exercised by the wine legislator throughout the wine production process, from harvest to bottle. For example, the production of the wine must take place in the officially registered cellars and the wine must mature for a set minimum time in those cellars, and only then does it go to the user.
Due to these strict requirements and control, the Bikavér is a top wine from the Hungarian wine regions.

Bikavér, what do you drink it with?

You will understand from this story: Bikavér is special! Drink it with a hearty piece of red meat, at the barbecue or smoked chicken.

How did Eger Bikavér get his name bull blood?

That goes back to a story from the 16th century when Turkish attackers targeted the old town of Eger.
After 6 weeks of siege, the Hungarians were at the end of their powers when the chieftain of the fortress town of Eger ordered that the weary men be supplied with wine.
After they had drunk plenty of this, the fighting spirit returned, their beards were wet with wine and had a red shine.
At this sight, the Turks fled, thinking that their opponents had drunk the blood of bulls.

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