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Villa Vinèa - Premium Feteasca Regala

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Feteasca Regala

A Feteascã Regalã who fully possesses two of the beloved characteristics of the variety: acidity and crispiness.

If we add to these the beautiful minerality, characteristic of the terroir on Târnava Mică, then the result can only delight any admirer of the Feteascã Regalã.

The color of the wine is a very light straw yellow. The nose is delicate, comes with a mix of white wildflowers, green citrus and freshly cut grass.

The body is supple with well-integrated alcohol and apiercing acidity. The taste brings mostly green apples, limes and vines, to which are added discreet mentholated sensations.

The aftertaste is refreshing and leaves a pleasant astringency and bitter, elegant notes of ripe grapefruit.

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