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Crama Oprisor - Dragaica Rosie

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Crama Oprisor -Dragaica Rosie

A very fine wine, which oozes quality!!

Dragaica Rosie is made from four grape varieties. This wine combines the elegance of Feteasca Neagra, the power of Cabernet Sauvignon, the softness of Merlot and the spiciness of Shiraz.

The makers have balanced the wine very nicely, allowing the flavors of plum, blackcurrant and chocolate to come into their own. It is a soft, wonderfully scented wine with a beautiful aftertaste. This wine pairs very well with meat and game dishes.

This wine can be kept for many years.

The alcohol percentage is 14%.

 Wijn van Julia
 Rijshaak 19
 4251 SC Werkendam
 the Netherlands
 +316 - 45 99 77 39